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Another Birthday
Originally posted May 29, 2009
By: Zsa Zsa Padilla


today, i turned 45. sounds really old. but then i don’t feel any different. i don’t feel older, nor wiser. it’s just the same old me- just getting birthday greetings for 2 days. friends and family from manila, australia and the states would e-mail, text, call and greet- filipino time and american time. it was quite amusing. really sweet of all of you, guys. it felt like a long birthday celebration, only without having the actual party.

to everyone who sent messages here at my multiply account, thank you from the bottom of my heart.

we came from LA this afternoon and landed at the dallas airport adding another two hours to our watches. i would always sing in my head the martin nievera song i recorded years back- “where did the time go?”, adjust my watch and smile to myself. ahhh… next stop, hotel then hopefully a quick shower and do hair and make-up for the meet and greet at one of the hotel function rooms.

we were received so well. the pinoys here are as warm as the texan weather. i was thinking, i’ve been here before with dolphy. then someone from the crowd gave me a copy of our picture together with the cute cowboy hats he gave us. ahhhh. i was right! been here before.

that was 10 years ago. i am happy to be back here in dallas (for my birthday at that!). the vip crowd sang me a birthday song. awwww. sweet. i was hoping to blow candles on some surprise cake but that didn’t happen. ha ha 🙂 so much for expectations. our host kept saying to the guests about having more cake and so i guess that’s how the idea popped in my head. but it doesn’t matter. cake or no cake, party or not, i am thankful. the meet and greet felt like a big party anyhow.

we didn’t get to eat at the meet and greet so as to accomodate everyone, but i was so hungry and had a bit of salad. and i was thinking maybe room service would still be open after- hoping i could still order some steak.

i was originally planning to treat our group to lawry’s in LA but that idea did not push through. we would dress up and wear the shoes we’ve invested in since we started our tour, but alas, most of them had to go to some office downtown LA and apply for their social security number. yes, uncle sam is afer us now, too. double taxation. i just smile so as not to add wrinkles on my face. some of us ended up shopping and when we got back to the hotel, we were all too tired to even think of dinner. i woke up around 3a.m. grabbing a protein bar. what happened to dinner, i ask myself? hmmmm. i would loose some weight. great. another birthday treat.

so, today, when i got back to the room, i took some pictures of myself. i thought i looked hot in my new dress ( from manila). pardon the over-confidence, i had to feel good ’cause after all, it is my birthday. 🙂

the tag was still on before i wore it to the meet and greet and it felt like a birthday present to myself.

then i took off my make up, showered (again!), got in my jammies and ordered room service.

damn! the menu said i could only order steak ’till 10 p.m. it was 10:15. i dial room service and thought, i could ask nicely? anyhow a gentleman with a pinoy accent answered and i had an inkling i was going to be saved. i asked for steak and he said, “sure, mam!”. yipppppeeeeeeee. i felt lucky.

steak came. i said grace and consumed the meal as fast as i could. i was thinking, i would need two hours before i could lie down and give it time to settle in my stomach or my ulcers would act up. so, it would be 12 midnight before i could go to bed to sleep. hence, this blog. it’s a great way to kill time and be creative in a sense. also, gives people a better idea of the real me.

i hope i didn’t bore you with this. i may go back to this one day and just have a good laugh. i hope multiply keeps this blog ’till i turn 50. or 60, 70, 80. who knows. as long as i can type in the keys- even with my artritis by then, i hope to keep in touch with you guys for as long as i can.

i did cry last night though. i know it wasn’t birthday blues. i was home sick. i still am. but i’ll be done with this tour this weekend and home right after. i guess by now you all know that that’s one of the downsides of touring- being away from home and from the people you love.

thank you to all of you for reading this and sharing the last minutes of my birthday with me. i enjoyed your company. virtual champagne for everyone! cheers!