Zsa Zsa Says…

Hello from Coron, Palawan
Aug 27, ’09 1:04 PM


Hi everyone! It’s fiesta time here in Coron and I was invited by Governor Joel Reyes and Mrs. Fems Reyes to sing for the good people of Coron for their town fiesta. It was held near the hotel we were billeted at- Mt. Tapyas Hotel. I hear that the town celebrates every fiesta time for a whole week.

There is wi-fi here at the veranda coffee shop! The phone signals are good as well. I love it!

It”s beautiful here. Before the plane landed at Boswanga, you could see the beautiful white sandy beaches of several islands.

I was invited along with Lovie Po among other stars of ABS like Rachel Ann Go and Makisig.

It was good seeing Lovie. I remember the first time I saw her was at the wake of her Dad. It was quite a sad moment. The last time was during the show of Ogie da pogi at Araneta. I don’t get to see Kapuso stars very often so it always gives such a positive feeling.

I was worried about my asthma because it was so humid yesterday. It rained around 4p.m. and so before the sun was about to set, I decided to do a bit of cardio. I wanted to walk around. I wanted to go near the water but I was told that you’d need a banca to go island hopping because it’s where the beautiful beaches were at. I was just in the mood to walk so i asked what else i could do aside from going to the beach. They told me i could climb their mountain, Mt. Tapyas. It would take 700 plus steps but really now- my body guard (a local we got for my short stay here) said- it’s not much of a challenge.

And so we walked. My manager, Nene joined us when we saw her in a van coming from the sound check.

The view on the way top was breathtaking. And at the very top was a cross that served as a substitute light house. It’s really pretty. There was a rainbow right beside it which made everything seem a bit surreal. I’m so sorry- my phone camera was not working well and could only take shots from the secondary one. And as of the moment, I am trying to blue tooth them but my computer won’t seem to accept. Anyhow, I’m sure you can picture them in your mind for now.

On my way to the very top, we met a young boy who sold drinks. Sino ba s’yang artista? were the first words I heard from him.I laughed because he couldn’t understand why other people were asking to have their picture taken with me even before i reached the top.

He is 14 years old. He looked 8 to me. His name is Eric. And he sells drinks when you reach the very last step at the top. Such an enterprising young man. He says he does this everyday for a living. “Hopefully, after school”, were thoughts running in my mind. He was a bit shy from all the questions I was asking so I felt it was time to go near the cross and say a little prayer — but before that, I asked to have a picture taken with him.

Thank you to the peaceful townspeople of Coron. It has been a wonderful short stay. I’ll be leaving for the airport in a few.

Until next time….