Hello, friend

Been awhile since I last posted. So much has happend. So can we just jump to today?

I am alright, thanks for asking. And so, how are you? I’m glad to tell you that I am behaving at my utmost to stay healthy. Yeah. Not like I lived an unhealthy life for a long time. I mean… ok. I kinda just let go for a year. And look where that brought me. So, before I elaborate and get defensive a bit further, I have to agree with you that I have run out of excuses. It’s WELLNESS or bust. There. Having said that, I feel the Universe channelling all it’s positive energy towards me. You should give it a try. Feels darn good. Like cigarette after sex.

What? Made you smile… see?

Yes, there are days when you feel the world’s idea of a joke is by poking holes in your life. Some days get tough. We get it, don’t we, friend? ‘Coz I’m at an age where it’s important to show grace under pressure. Are you handling life’s challenges the way people expect you to? To some, failure is the expected result. (How negative. How rude. Don’t mind those naysayers.) But to rise above it all, lies the challenge. So, don’t ever give up, ok, friend? Because I care. Because so many people who love you care. Because someone up there in heaven cares.

I hope you care enough about these things… because YOU matter.


  1. Alex David says:

    Hi ZsaZsa,

    I was wondering,about this i feel that i have to ask you a question,please i know its difficult but its important that you reply.do im your called”friend”

    Alex David

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