On its 21st anniversary, the Belo Medical Group launched its first ever TV commercial with no other than the Divine Diva, Ms. Zsa Zsa Padilla. “It’s an honor, of course, carrying the Belo Medical name.” Zsa Zsa exclaims.“I’m just happy that I was chosen among Belo’s celebrity endorsers because aside from me, there are so many who trust the Belo Medical Group and Dr. Vicki Belo.”

Belo Medical Group’s Medical Director and Doctor to the Stars, Dr. Vicki Belo herself chose Zsa Zsa to appear on the said campaign. Dr. Belo excitedly shares, “She is the epitome of what Belo stands for. She is beautiful and intelligent. She is a wonderful wife, mother and friend. At 47 years old, she is showing the world how a woman can defy aging with the help of Belo.”

When asked on how long she has been going to the clinic, Zsa Zsa shares that she has been a regular Belo patient for more than 15 years, and she had her first treatment at the Alabang clinic.

Zsa Zsa regularly comes to the clinic to have her favorite Obagi Oxygen Facial done. She also loves the Sculptor Plus treatment which effectively tightens and contours both her face and body. Recently, she had the Ulthera procedure done, a 30-minute, non-invasive treatment that uses focused ultrasound to target the deep layers of the skin allowing tightening and lifting making her look several years younger.

Zsa Zsa has always been happy and satisfied with the results that she gets. She shares how Belo has made her happy with her looks through the years, despite the demands of being a celebrity:The first question I usually ask whenever I get a new procedure is ‘how long is the downtime?’. If you are a celebrity, it’s very important that there’s not too much downtime because of the hectic schedule. With the treatments I get at Belo, nobody even notices it and I can still face the camera.”

It’s no wonder that Zsa Zsa remains to be one of the most beautiful faces in the Philippine entertainment industry, putting most of her co-stars half her age to shame. Zsa Zsa shares how aging beautifully comes with maintaining beautiful skin: “Belo really maintained the skin that I want and I can go out without makeup. With the technology nowadays, everyone has a cellphone or camera. I’m happy because I am photo-ready anytime even without wearing make-up!”

If you want to defy aging beautifully and gracefully like Zsa Zsa, try Belo’s skin rejuvenating and anti-aging treatments. For more details on our services, call 819-BELO (2356) or visit our website at www.belomed.com.


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    i love the divine diva ms. zsa zsa padilla shes my idol in singing she inspired me most! love u po..

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