Hello, tumblr

Hello. I know has been around for quite awhile (Google says 2007). I Have no idea why I decided to check on it today. Haven’t had the chance to blog- been ages since my blogs at Multiply (gasp!) and Zsa Zsa Says at PEP.

I suppose it’s because Twitter has been so convenient for working Moms/Wives like myself. 140 characters, pics, video snippets and quotes or a quick hello just about says it all. Well, most of the time, I guess.

So here’s hoping to get my writing skills working again- even in tidbit (at first).

I am on vegetative state. Finished working at 3:30 am. Not that I am complaining, love the acting job as Luisa in Budoy. But it leaves me with very little energy to do things the following day (technically, the same day) with my family. And as a Mom, like some of you reading this, we have an endless list of errands.

So, since I have been awake at 9am, I have been in my pajamas eating and catching up on episodes of Grey’s Anatomy, Desperate Housewives and Hart of Dixie. And in between, a short nap or two. So many shows lined up yet to see. My computer memory is full (again) thanks to Megavideo closing down and I can’t seem to properly video stream anywhere else decent, that I need to buy all updates at iTunes. Well, maybe that’s how business should be. I have to learn to have a better system of downloading and keeping these shows. Anyhow, I’ve already gone off topic, right? Alright, I’m gathering enough strength to hit the shower. Meanwhile… still in my PJs and contemplating on another short nap.

I need to keep moving in a bit (seems to be an endless argument in my head lately). There is somewhere else I need to be. And I need to study songs for ASAP 2012 tomorrow. Sometimes, I need to learn too many things at the same time, it feels like I never left school.

Although I can’t share everything that has been going on in my life, I guess some of you know that the past year or so has been extremely difficult. Work keeps me sane. My girls. My friends. My family. Little trips abroad or to the beach. Taking care of my Lovey. I don’t know what to do with my life without these things- or being surrounded by these people and being enveloped in their love and energy. And although I try my best to be utmost honest about things, I remain to be quiet about some that are not easy to talk about. So, thanks to all of you who continue to send messages and offer your prayers. We love all of you.

Here’s looking forward to a good relationship with you, Tumblr.

Be Happy. Be thankful. Be you.